Pakistan is a very beautiful country endowed with a lot of natural wonders. Pakistan is open to the world and that is why there has always been an improvement in the Pakistani travel industry. Although there are still some aspects that need improvement, what is on ground is very amazing.

The great news is that Pakistan is different from most countries of the world because it offers ALL types of tourism. In Pakistan, there is mountain tourism, river tourism, valley tourism, religion tourism, culture tourism, food tourism, all!

Pakistan is rich in culture and history. Visit the old buildings and structures still standing, have a taste of the delicious meals, try to grasp a bit of the language, -there are too many things to do in Pakistan.

Below are some travel and tours tips to make you enjoy your trip to Pakistan.

Entry Visa

From most countries, Pakistan requires entry Visa. If you are coming from some countries like Iceland, Maldives and Zambia (for 3 months), Hong Kong, Nepal and Western Samoa (for 1 month), Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago (for unlimited period) you don’t need entry Visa for the stipulated time. But from other countries, it is advisable you apply through your travel agent before making your trip to Pakistan.


Pakistan is found around the temperate zone. The climate is commonly arid, branded by hot summers and cold winters.

There are four seasons in Pakistan: a dry, cool winter between December and February; a dry, hot spring between March and May; the summer rainy season between June and September; and the retreating monsoon period between October and November. The start and stop of these seasons may be slightly different based on location.

Whatever time you are visiting Pakistan, be prepared with the right clothing.

Foreign Exchange

The unit of currency in Pakistan is known as Pakistani rupee. You should get some Pakistani rupees in your local country before you make your way to Pakistan. If that’s impossible, no problem. Exchange your foreign currency for the local Pakistani one in banks.

Payment facilities

In big hotels and shopping centers, you can make payments with a Credit Card or Traveler’s cheque. For hotels and shops that are smaller, you may have to get cash. Once you are away from the big cities, cash would probably be your only payment option.

Understanding of English

Most people, civil servants, police, etc., don’t speak English, or sometimes, just mix a bit of it. Don’t expect all shops and hotels to speak English, only the big ones that are specially conscious of the needs of foreigners will have staff that speak English.  However, because of education, if you speak English without a rush, a good number of people will understand.

Social Security

Unlike before, Pakistan is now a very safe country. However, regardless of how safe, be careful with your things in crowded areas. Even if they are not stolen, they could be damaged.

Local Hotels

There is a great number of hotels in Pakistan and the choice depends on the kind of luxury you wish to enjoy as well as the amount you have with you. Whether a small or big hotel, you will find the rooms safe and clean, good enough for you.

At Trivelz, we can help you book a hotel that would suit both your need and your pocket. You can’t afford not to book ahead of your trip if you’re travelling during holiday as there would be many tourists on their way to Pakistan then.

Pakistani Food

The dishes in Pakistan are great. You can try as much as you want, only ensure it is in the range of what your stomach and pocket can take. You can find restaurants around, even at nights, and most will give you a menu that comes with pictures so you can salivate in advance.

You may have to avoid buying just anywhere on the street if your stomach is not that strong.

Domestic Travel

The common means of transportation in Pakistan are trains, buses, cars, bikes, and domestic flights. To avoid crowd, it is better to allow Trivelz to book your tickets for you. We will get it for you at the best price and deliver it to you in your hotel room.

Holidays in Pakistan

There are many holidays celebrated each year in Pakistan. You have to schedule your trip well so it doesn’t clash with any in order to try avoiding traveling on a very busy day. Trivelz can help you with that.


There is a good mobile phone coverage in almost all locations in Pakistan. Global auto-roaming within Pakistan is not anything difficult.


You will find internet connection or cyber-cafes in almost all locations in Pakistan, especially, the tourist areas. Whether you want to play an online game, or check your mail, or contact those at home, or upload pictures of your amazing trip, there is internet to serve you.

Important Pakistan travel clues

Try to get a tour guide in the language you understand. There is a lot to see in Pakistan, and if you do it without a tour guide, you may miss out on some major fun.

 If you can’t get a tour guide, try hanging around those who have.

Make friends with Pakistanis whenever you have the chance. They are warm people who love to meet foreigners. They can give you some tour clues and be great tour guides. You could give them a small present as a piece of appreciation, and it gets more appreciated if the token is something from your local country that is not common in Pakistan.