Group Booking

beact trip with trivelz

Benefits of group booking with BookOtrip

Additional Cost Enjoy Group Bookings with easy and flexible payment options.
Seat Selection Browse and choose from 650+ preferred airlines.
Booking and Service Fees Get 24X7 assistance from Trip Experts to look after you and your group.
Baggage Allowance Get tours with easy pickup and drop for you group.
Support – Assistance Group seating on aircraft with easy hotel reservation in over 100,000 for the entire group.


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Pay less for your group journeys: Build more love, go for more!

Give us the chance to put your group on an amazing trip as we plan your trip and get you on the best flight. We have deals that are made just for you!

Why do your group booking with us?

  • You get the best trip at the lowest possible price.
  • Our payment options are the easiest to get anywhere.
  • Your group gets to stay together throughout the journey.
  • Best hotel reservation deals for you, anywhere in the world!
  • No stress at all! Best pickup and drop awaiting your group.
  • Pick the preferred from many available airline options.
  • Get our experts checking on you throughout your trip.

The road is shorter, when you walk it in group.

We understand the stress of having to secure a flight tickets for a group of people for a trip, and since we are bent at giving you 100% comfort and fun, we have decided to brace ourselves up to give you that demanding task. Well, that is one of our many ways of treating you like a king. We know what we are up against but our passion will never stop driving us. We understand that if a person opts out of the group, the plan could wreck, but trust us, we know the best way to handle this. If you allow us to plan your group trip for you, every member of your team can anticipate the trip, and when it comes, enjoy the amazing ride. You know why? You gave it out to TRIVELZ, you can never get anything other than the best. Now, that’s fun! Now, that’s comfort!


Definitely, you pay as a group, not as individuals. Know what that means? You get to enjoy a lot of discount, not because of anything, but because we love togetherness.