Swat, Switzerland of the East


If what you want to see are beautiful lakes, intriguing landscapes, valleys, and fascinating architectural designs, then, you really want to see Swat Valley. Two places that readily comes to mind are Saidu Sharif and Mingora, the first being the capital, and the second being the main town.  It is one of the places you could go for your holiday in Pakistan and immediately want to picth your tent so you stahy there for long. There is almost nothing naturally amazing that you will not find there. Talk of waterfalls, you will be carried away taking a look, and to talk of natural parks as well as dark forests, you will have a lot of story to tell when you get back home. You know why they call it the little Switzerland of Pakistan? Because it promises to show you a lot of snow-capped mountains, as well as green valleys.

Bold History that Fuels the Future

What are the remarkable things you get to do in Swat? Everything! You get to do everything fun, and it really now depends on you. You can decide it is the best time to go Skiing, so you visit Malam Jabba, a popular and classy Ski resort you find high on the mountain that promises to beat your expectations. There, you can enjoy your time. No fear of hunger as you have a number of very good restaurants that will offer you the dishes of your life. You find accommodation also convenient here. If you only want to take a look at that Skiing, there is a place for you, and if what amazes you is great historical touch, you get more than enough here.

You can get busy with your camera if you don’t want to be selfish and you want others back home to see what you have seen. Swat is filled with rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys, entirely beautiful landscape and picturesque. I doubt you can exhaust all Swat has to offer just in one visit. Want to join hiking? Get into the Kalam and Miandam hill stations. The crystal blue Mahodand Lake will thrill you, Pari Lake will also amaze you. if you want to really get around people, then find your way to Madyam, where you get to see the busiest villages, farm lands, and definitely, some more lakes.

Anyone would find himself lucky to be at Swat valley. If you have never been there, you are missing out on something, trust me, Trivelz can get you there in no stress. Simply BOOK a trip with us now.

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