About Us

At Trivelz, we are pacesetters of standard and highly enjoyable trip experiences. We have built our services to afford you comfort, and definitely, at the best price you can get it.

Hello! Welcome to Trivelz. We are glad you are here.


Trivelz is a company that is hell bent on making the world a better and easier place to trip for everyone. So, how do we go about this?

The problem of having to pass through too much stress in other to be able to book a flight is not new, especially in Pakistan. The same problem does not end in the air. Sometimes, some unforeseen situations come in place and there is an emergency reason to get traveling at once in a car. The problem is now having to get on the move the next second after the need arose. Most times, hours go and you are still there struggling to get yourself the best.

Also, after a long term at work, break comes and you are lost thinking of the best place for your holiday. You go online and start doing a lot of research. The first few days of the holiday are wasted on inquiries. Your holiday is supposed to be yours, and someone somewhere should plan it all for you, while you lie on your bed, expecting a prompt reply. It is because of the unending problems on travelling that Trivelz has come up, and so far, the problems are being tackled at a fast rate.

So, what do we do?

At Trivelz, we render all travel and tour services. We start from the first stage of planning, and because of the professional, well trained, and devoted staff we have, we will pass as one of the best trip planners you will get anywhere in the world for your travel and tours.

We go ahead to help book your flight, you can stay back indoor and watch Trivelz pamper you till you are ready to fly. We ensure that you are landing in one of the best hotels wherever you are going, and we make sure that is for the best, cheapest price possible. Because of the great details we have about the services rendered by many hotels and the best deals we can pull for you, we are one of the best hotel booking sites you will get. Also, for group booking, you should try us. We love togetherness, and this is our own way of promoting it. At Trivelz, quality and great treatment is a goal, but we don’t run after it forgetting your pocket. We come down to the local level in Pakistan to provide you with car and taxi booking, so you can go throughout your day traveling in that corner, feeling like the boss you are, and ending your day like a king. We offer cruises. Just confess to us you want your travel and tours on the water, we will decide the best for you and you will want to do it many times again.

Where do we tour?

At Trivelz, we cannot afford to put the least restriction to your fun trip worldwide. This is why we offer traveling services that cover all countries in the world. If you have to hear that again, all countries! Say, you are in Pakistan, but you want to get to the most amazing places in Africa, you don’t have to do anything than reach us, and you can be sure you will have quality service for the most reasonable fee you will get anywhere in the world. Want to confirm this? Give us a try. So, whatever part of the world you are, and whatever part of the world you want to be, we will put you on the way in style, and get you there also in style.

How do we do it differently?

Trivelz understands there are lots of traveling agents, but we feel you can have more quality than you have ever been offered on your travel and tours.

First, Trivelz is available for your service 24/7, also, we make sure you are not being extorted. This is more about solving your problems than getting to become rich, so we get you the best hotels and trip deals.  Also, we engage in planning of your whole travel and tours from the start to the end so that you don’t have to bother about anything except being on the move when travelling. We understand quality, and you will have your trip in modern comfortable vehicles.

Our plans for you

We don’t ever want you to express any regret for any trip you take again. We want you to meet all appointments at the right time without having to queue or pass through a lot of stress. We want to treat the king in you, so that you don’t ever want to feel otherwise again.

So, why try us?

Because you are worth more than you have ever been treated and Trivelz is ready to treat you in a way that matches your standard. You want the feel of a boss while you pay less for it and you enjoy the class of the services we provide you with. We will change the story of your holidays and trips so that you want to spend every minute of your remaining life on the road, because we are one amazing vacation planner.

Our promises

  • Comfort
  • Class
  • Affordability
  • Promptness
  • …and more